Abandoned Cart Recovery Complete Guide for Shopify Store Owners

Completely new 2019 guide about Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify Store Owners. You will find and learn almost all answers and secrets about how to recover abandoned carts as a Shopify Store Owner. Especially, Abandoned Cart Recovery section will boost Shopify sales and help you to generate extra revenue on Shopify!

We will explain Abandoned Cart Recovery in-depth with all possible titles and requirements. Let's start!

What is an abandoned cart on Shopify?

Not everyone who adds a product to their cart in Shopify store completes the checkout. When a potential customer who already provided their contact information didn’t complete the order, this cart is stored as an abandoned checkout. You can also find abandoned cart description made by Shopify itself link here .

What is an abandoned cart recovery on Shopify?

Shopify admins must monitor all abandoned carts on Shopify store and they must take actions quick as possible to recover abandoned checkouts. Reviewing abandoned carts and sending emails and facebook messenger notifications to customers to recover abandoned carts are most important tasks for a Shopify admins. Shopify Store Owner also should set up a abandoned cart recovery strategy for successful abandoned cart campaigns.

How can I review my abandoned checkouts in the Shopify admin?

Abandoned carts are saved in the Shopify admin for 3 months. Abandoned checkouts that are older than three months are removed from Shopify admin every Monday.here .

To review your abandoned carts;

  • 1-) Go to Orders
  • 2-) Click Abandoned Checkouts

Can I use multiple ways to recover abandoned carts?

Yes Of Course! It is your choice to use multiple strategies for abandoned cart recovery on Shopify. But be careful about how aggressive you are and choose the best way!


You can manually email to potential customers a link to their abandoned checkout through Shopify admin. Here are the steps;

  • 1-) Go to Orders > Abandoned checkouts
  • 2-) Click the number of the checkout that you want to recover.
  • 3-) Click Send a cart recovery email.

Of course, as a Shopify admin you need automation for abandoned cart orders recovery. There are several ecommerce plugins that will help you to send multiple emails or you can also automate your emails using Shopify admin. Easy to choose one of those apps and start automated emailing.

The good news is according to Experian Cross-Channel Marketing’s Q3 2016 Email Benchmark Report, customers who received multiple abandoned-shopping-cart emails were 2.4 times more likely to complete a transaction than customers who received only one. The bad news is; this report is old and email marketing is nearly dead!

Let me tell you what to do with the rest of this abandoned cart recovery on Shopify guide :)


Just like email but in a more effective way, Facebook Messenger platform is being used as a recovery tool for abandoned carts. When your potential customer doesn’t complete the purchase, your store's Facebook Messenger will send them messages later, just like with email.

Just like email but in a more effective way, Facebook Messenger platform is being used as a recovery tool for abandoned carts. When your potential customer doesn’t complete the purchase, your store's Facebook Messenger will send them messages later, just like with email.

Why more effective? Because;

1.3 billion people using Messenger on a daily basis? Those people are your potential customers, right?

They’ll receive a personalised message asking if they would like to complete their purchase, they will definitely open it. You’ll see crazy-open rates as more than 80% and CTRs as high as 50% which are impossible with emails.

You’ll never be a spammer and your messages will never get lost where there’s a good chance your emails will get “lost” in crowded e-mailboxes and will be deleted immediately just because of the subject or sender.

So, this is a new way of engagement and messenger is the new email.

If you are a Shopify Store Owner and you’d like to recover abandoned carts automatically using Facebook messenger than you definitely need an abandoned cart recovery app that’s integration works well with your Shopify Store to keep your abandoned carts under control for winning back your sales with an abandoned cart recovery app that has an essential role in your business.

At this point, you may want to try LetsBuy for your Shopify store if you get bored complex “we do everything tools” or “not working tools”. LetsBuy is the only Shopify App that focuses specifically abandoned cart recovery with its easy-to use dashboard and pre-defined recovery campaigns. If you use LetsBuy, you can set-up your abandoned cart recovery campaigns in less than a minute.

How do I recover my abandoned carts on Shopify?

For the complete solution, you need to use LetsBuy as a abandoned cart recovery assistant. LetsBuy can recover your abandoned checkouts automatically with only 3 clicks ! Thus, LetsBuy will start connecting your store with more customers by “Send to Messenger checkbox” on your shop’s webpage.

The second solution is traditionally using automated email marketing or sending emails manually. However, you’ll be probably get lost in your customer’s email box.

How do you recover abandoned checkouts using Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the best way for lower abandonment rate thet will increase revenue for your shopify store by recovering 2-3x more abandoned carts using Facebook messages.

LetsBuy will automate everything for you with best practices; you will not even customize anything in your abandoned cart recovery campaign as a reason that all campaign messages and messenger subscription ways are pre-defined.

You will just download Letsbuy from Shopify App Store and connect with your Facebook page and follow easy 3 steps to enable your campaign. In order to recover your abandoned carts;

  • LetsBuy will first insert “Send to messenger” checkbox to your web page to subscribe your potential customers to your messenger list.
  • After your customers subscribed, Letsbuy will send automated messenger messages to your customers to motivate them to come back and complete the purchase.
  • Moreover, you can always edit your messages and see real-time abandoned cart list on your dashboard.

How abandoned cart recovery works on Shopify ?

Firstly, If you use LetsBuy for abandoned cart recovery of your Shopify store, You don't need to think and define any messages and campaigns, because everything is ready to use.

LetsBuy will integrate with your Shopify store and Facebook page easily and start sending abandoned cart recovery messages soon.

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How do I review which carts are abandoned in my Shopify store page?

You can always click to orders and abandoned carts on Shopify admin dashboard to get this information. You will see;

  • Checkout ID
  • Date
  • Placed By
  • Email status
  • Recovery Status
  • Total Amount

but especially for high volume of abandoned carts, It's not enough!

Apps like LetsBuy can give you full control of your abandoned checkouts with automated campaigns.You can auto-engage with your almost lost customers to motivate and say them Let’s Buy! Furthermore, LetsBuy is free to start and you will only pay if you generate extra revenue from your abandoned carts.

Automation using Facebook messenger for abandoned order recovery

There’s no doubt that we’re moving away from emails, SMS and phone calls. Nowadays, technology and new platforms changing the the way of communication, more and more we’re using mobile-friendly messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp to keep in touch with brands and friends.

It’s the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to reach your Shopify store customers, this is why LetsBuy is focusing on that area. LetsBuy’s abandoned cart recovery success rate is better than automated email marketing tools because of the messenger platforms own dynamics itself. People like Facebook, people take messenger messages into consideration Some of the world-wide Shopify Stores companies are already using LetsBuy for Abandoned cart recovery on Shopify.

LetsBuy: Facebook Messenger Retargeting for Shopify Merchants